What we do

Our Services

We offer a customizable team that includes a Project Manager, Developers and Quality Assurance professionals, tailored to the client's specific needs. This team will work closely with the founder to bring their dream solution to life.


AI - From very basic projects with pretrained modes to advanced solutions with own models, datasets and fine tuning


Blockchain - from decentralization and transparency, through NFT and DiFi, ending on ICO or IDO. Not sure if it is for your project? Lets talk.


Web presents is a must. We can support you with both desings, frontent and backend


Native complex Android or iOS apps or flexible React Native solutions depending on the project need.


Arduino, microcontroller sensors, LEDs, cameras and other IoT devices are not a mystery for us.


From market analysis, through the communication strategy, marketing and sales, ending up with Scrum or Waterfall to the Support in ITIL. We do it all.