Tech stack: Python, React.js, GCP 

Another notable project from Estimity is the development of a web application called Legalspot, designed to support and manage the work of law departments in large organizations. The application was designed to provide a comprehensive solution for managing legal tasks, documents, and analysis.

The Legalspot system contains several modules, including a task management system, document management system, document analysis module, and SaaS module. The task management system provides functionality for creating and managing tasks between lawyers within a single organization. It allows users to create different tasks, projects, assignments, deadlines, and tags, and has a reporting system for management.

The document management system allows users to store and edit legal documents online. It also includes an online editor that is integrated with the task management system, allowing users to create tickets directly to particular lines in agreements and synchronizing the commenting system of the document with the commenting system of a single task. Additionally, the system allows for Word import and export.

The document analysis module, which is an AI NLP module, can be executed on any document and provides feedback regarding the document itself, suggesting changes if there are any missing paragraphs or if some are not needed.

Finally, the SaaS module allows for managing organizations, licenses, and users.


The development of this application was a complex project that required a wide range of skills, including web development, AI, and NLP. The end result was a comprehensive solution that greatly improved the efficiency and productivity of the client’s legal department, and has been widely adopted within the organization.