Flux Flux medical experience

Tech stack: Python, Node.js, React.js, Swift

One of our most recent and notable projects is a project for our client, focused on easing the Computed Tomography (CT) test experience. The client’s idea was to add a screen to the CT room and show relaxing videos, with music that is adjusted to the video, and many LED stripes that are hidden in walls reflecting the dominant colors from the video and illuminate with the sound from that video. The person getting the CT can pick one of the themes before entering the room, for example, beach, forest, rain or cartoon (for children) and many more. The decision is made on a mobile screen outside of the room. The project was a mix of web development (license portal), mobile development (mobile screen), IoT (leds, screen, managing unit) and AI (simulate the led dynamic base on sound and video).

To deliver this solution, we used a combination of web development, mobile development, IoT and AI technologies. We developed a web-based license portal for managing and distributing the videos, a mobile app for selecting the theme before entering the CT room, and an IoT-enabled system for managing the LEDs and screen. Additionally, we used AI algorithms to simulate the LED dynamic based on sound and video, providing a truly immersive and personalized experience for the patients.


The results of this project were outstanding, the patients had a more relaxed experience, and the client reported a significant reduction in patient anxiety levels. This project is a great example of how Estimity can deliver innovative solutions that combine multiple technologies to solve complex challenges. We continue to work with the client to improve and update the project to enhance the patients’ experience.